TEMELSU is a Turkish consulting engineering company providing multi-disciplinary engineering services, locally and internationally, since its foundation in 1969. TEMELSU is registered with the following international institutions: World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries, Saudi Development Fund, Kuwait Fund for Arabic Economic Development, World Health Organization, FIDIC and International Road Federation. In addition to projects in Turkey, the company has undertaken projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen and Libya.

TEMELSU’s fields of specialization cover Dams and hydroelectric power plants, Water supply, conveyance, treatment and distribution, pumping stations, Sewerage and stormwater systems, wastewater treatment, Solid waste management, Irrigation and drainage, Highways, motorways and urban transport, airports, Bridges and tunnels, Pipelines, Buildings, Industrial structures, Geotechnics, Mapping, Electro-mechanics, Environmental Impact Assessment, Social and economic studies. Specialized design groups and service departments within the company provide technical services for above fields. For the above mentioned spectrum of activities TEMELSU provides services covering reconnaissance, master plan and feasibility studies, final design, detailed design, consultancy and construction supervision.

Temelsu headquarters is located in Ankara, Turkey. The company operates in its own building with an area of 5000 sqm (net working area 2500 sqm) Temelsu building possesses a fully equipped working area with high-tech office and engineering tools and security systems. Temelsu LAN serves about 120 computer users in headquarters.